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  • Helen Pugh

    Helen Pugh

    #Inca history where #women take centre stage! Ebooks & paperbacks for kids + adults in English & español. She/her #womenshistory #SouthAmerica.

  • Paola Perez

    Paola Perez

    Nature-loving, interested in cultural and social issues.

  • Carranzajulian


  • Brandon Morgan

    Brandon Morgan

    CC History Instructor, father of three, and researcher of the Borderlands, U.S. West, and Modern Mexico. Working on a book about Violence and the rural border.

  • Cuauhtémoc Official

    Cuauhtémoc Official

  • Magnus Pharao Hansen

    Magnus Pharao Hansen

    Intercontinental scholar of language, culture, and history. Specializing in things Danish and Mexican.

  • Suzanne LaGrande

    Suzanne LaGrande

    Writer, artist, host of Disobedient Femmes & The Voice Plays podcasts. Interested in personal transformation & collective liberation.

  • Ana Luz Sotomayor

    Ana Luz Sotomayor

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